RYA Training Course Application Form

Thank you for applying to join one of our training courses. Burton Sailing club has a long tradition of sailing in the area and our facilities for training are constantly being reviewed in order to ensure you receive the best possible level of tuition. Please follow the instructions on the form and complete all the mandatory fields before moving to the checkout stage. Your bookings will be complete on successful completion of the checkout process and you will receive a confirmation email with further details on the email address entered on the form.

Contact Details

Fill in the contact details for this booking request to attend one or more courses, these are the contact details for the order/payment and not necessarily one of the attendees of a course. (Attendee details must be filled out in the course booking section where multiple courses can be booked for multiple attendees).
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Please take care entering the email address as this will be used for booking confirmation and details for the booked course(s).

Course Bookings

Fill out all the mandatory fields for the course booking. If there is more than one attendee or an attendee intends to undergo more than one course then use the "Add another booking" button to allow details of additional bookings to be entered. The "Show/Hide" button(s) will toggle display of the individual attendee details.
Booking details
Select the required course type first then select the instance of the chosen type below.
List shows courses available with spaces (excluding spaces used by this request). If the list is empty then all the courses of the chosen type are full or closed.
Required for RYA certificates.
Attendee Address
The address of the course attendee is required for the RYA certificate. Check this box if the address for the attendee is the same as the address in the contact details.
Please select the option that best matches your request for training.
Attendee is confident in water
Attendee can swim?
Please list above any conditions which may impact the attendee's ability to participate in the course (This information will be kept confidential and will only be divulged to instructors on as as needed basis).
Enter any additional comments regarding your request to book places on the training course.

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On completion of the form, the Checkout button will move to checkout stage. The places will be temporarily booked pending successful checkout when they will be confirmed. (Temporary bookings will be cleared after a short period).

Total Cost