Membership 2018

Membership costs and berthing fees are listed below.  If you have any queries This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

New members, click below to download the Membership Application Form. Existing members, download the Renewal Form below to renew your membership. If you would like to store a boat with us, but do not require membership, please download the Boat Storage Form below.

1. Category of Membership Subscription

Family Membership £265
Ordinary Sailing £200
Junior Member (19 or under) £35
Student £70
Non Sailing Member £35
Sailboard Member £100

2. Boat Registration Fee

This fee applies to all boats sailed on the reservoir (regardless of whether stored on site), but does include provision of a suitable boat parking space. Each fee includes one road trailer; additional trailers can also be stored for an additional fee.

Please note that a discounted fee is available for registered sailing members; i.e. members of the ordinary, family, junior and student categories above.

Fee per boat £150
Discounted fee for sailing members £40
Additional trailer storage £15

3. Joining Fee

A one off payment of £50 - WAIVED FOR 2018.

4. General Notes

  • All Craft must be insured for a minimum £2,000,000 third party liability.
  • The subscription year commences on 1st January.
  • Membership Applications must be submitted with a cheque for the required amount. Applications are then considered at the next General Committee meeting, which are usually held monthly. Applicants are welcome to use the Club’s facilities whilst the application is being progressed.
  • Any members elected after 31st July in any year, pay half the subscription. The full annual subscription will be payable on the following 1st October.