Laser Fleet

Burton Sailing Club's has a large fleet of Lasers and there is usually a good turnout for the handicap race on both Sundays and Wednesdays. All three of the sail sizes are used (4.7, radial and standard) depending upon age, weight and wind strength. Laser dinghies are extremely easy to obtain, there is a very healthy second hand market especially over the internet. They are very low maintenance and there is a very active race circuit both locally in the area and nationally/internationally.  The boat is also very popular with younger sailors moving up from toppers or Picos.

They are a very good first dinghy that even beginners find they can start racing competitively very quickly without the worry of finding a crew to dail with. Many club members who primarily sail a two hander have a Laser as a second boat to use when they have no crew. The dinghy is very easy to right when capsized, which does happen a lot especially in a blow! They are very responsive boats and great fun to sail in light and moderate winds.

Type Singlehander
Length 4.23m
Beam 1.37m
Hull Weight 60 kg
Sails Main 7.06 sq m
Trapeze 0
Year Designed 1970
PN 1078