Contender Fleet

The Contender is the World's most popular single hander trapeze boat and Burton Sailing Club's has a very keen, competitive and growing fleet in this class. The dinghy was originally designed in 1967 and like other one design classes has benefited from strict control over design changes. The dinghy is a very exciting and rewarding boat to sail. The Contender association is thriving in the UK, there are many well attended events throughout the year and the association is full of friendly and helpfull individuals who are always very keen to offer advise when they can.

There is a healthy second hand market for the dinghy and the boats hold their value well.

Type Singlehander
Length 4.87m
Beam 1.5m
Hull Weight 83 kg
Sails Main 10.8 sq m
Trapeze Single
Optimum Crew Weight 56-95 kg
Designer Bob Miller
Year Designed 1967
PN 993