505 Fleet

At Burton we have a small but very keen fleet of 505 sailors.

We aim to race every Sunday at BSC, but we do travel to open events on a regular basis. We are always looking out for new members to join the class and will assist existing or potential club members if they wish to try out the class or are looking to buy a boat.

The class is truly international being sailed in 18 different countries throughout the globe. In the UK we benefit from an extensive open meeting circuit and in additional to this there are events staged at venues throughout europe. The World Championship is held every year with the venue alternating between the northern and southern hemispheres.

Crew 2
Length 5.05m
Beam 1.88m
Hull Weight 127 kg
Sail Area 12.3 sq m
Spinnaker Area 23.25 sq m
Spinnaker Type Symmetric
Trapeze Single
Optimum Crew Weight  
Year Designed 1953